Jakob Lorber Foundation NZ

The purpose of the Jakob Lorber Foundation New Zealand Inc. is to make the writings of Jakob Lorber available to interested parties at no cost other than postage charges. Donations are welcome but not required.

Dubbed the 'Scribe of God', Lorber — a 19th century Austrian music teacher — recorded a remarkable quantity of divine teachings over a period of 24 years.

During recent times, a large proportion of Lorber's writings was translated into English. You can download a large part of Lorber's writings from here, including translated volumes (unabridged) of the Great Gospel of John.

On these web pages you will find background information, extracts and a list of available literature. We hope these will give you an indication of the spiritual fragrance contained in these teachings.

For information on Jakob Lorber in languages other than English, click here.

We have recently founded the Jakob Lorber Foundation NZ, with the purpose of making the writings of Jakob Lorber available in New Zealand.

Can prayers help you?

There’s no wrong to pray, as long as you do not hurt people and you do not harm any living creatures. Faith and religion play an important role in our lives, they can help us overcome obstacles and provide us answers when we find ourselves in difficulties. But do prayers really help us? Read further and discover the best way to pray and how you can accomplish your goals if you need providential assistance.

How to activate God’s help

We are not as lucky and blessed as Jakob Lorber. He heard the voice of our Lord and he sure knew how to pray – or how to listen. Our busy lives maintain us overstressed and constantly with something on our minds, so probably this is the reason why we cannot hear Him. But we keep talking to God and pray Him to help us when we encounter problems or we need to be assured that there is someone who takes care of us.

God can assist us achieve anything we want – but we also have to fight in order to achieve what we desire. You cannot just pray to cure a disease: you have to take pills and seek the professional assistance of doctors in order to overcome your condition. You may ask for God’s help when you want to lose weight, but if you also take Thyromine you will definitely increase the chances to get what you pray for.

Some people feel tired, with reduced energy levels and lack of desire to live. They pray God for an answer and seek for providential help, but they do not know that the answer is right in front of their eyes. Thyromine ingredients work to enhance the overall health of consumers and bring back joy into their lives. God works through the things surrounding us and even though you may not hear His voice, He is always there to help you.

This is what Jakob Lorber taught us, along with how to pray properly. Prayers can help us and God listens to us every time, only that we are too tired and busy to hear Him and do accordingly to His word. Although we worship and praise the Lord when we think about Him and we pray, our actions do not always reflect this love for God and for our fellows. We must confess our sins and reach to genuine repentance. We have to try and correct our mistakes, as well as forgiving those who did us harm.

Jakob Lorber knew all these and he tried to transmit the information further. But our eyes are shut and our ears no longer hear when there are so many signs around us. We see commercials – maybe God is trying to tell us that we need to take a supplement. We see the beauty of nature, but we no longer cherish His creation. God is all around us and in each one of us, but our hearts are stoned and we are too selfish to admit that we were wrong. Open your heart and rediscover that there is good in you and God is here, to guide us!