About Jakob Lorber(1800 - 1864)

There are few of you who have ever heard of this man of spirit, and those who have probably know too little. This self -proclaimed “scribe of God” was the one who revolutionized the age old views upon everything that Christianity meant in the lives of believers. However is not but after his death that his writings caught a wider attention and they were studied in a deeper sense.

Born in a small village of today’s Slovenia, to a peasant family, he was trained as a village teacher. There was no preparation for what was going to happen at the age of 40 when, on the day of 15 March 1840, the “inner voice” first spoke to him. It was a voice coming from the heart and he felt that every word should be recorded on paper. For more than two decades, Jakob Lorber has written manuscripts over manuscripts equivalent to over 10,000 pages in script.

Well educated people observed his writing and his simple way of life as to convince themselves there was no hoax involved. His greatest work, the Great Gospel of John, presents Jesus as the narrator who explains and describes the time involved in creating Earth. Critics agree that the writing manner is similar to the modern theory of evolution but with a greater emphasis on the importance of man’s free will. Jakob’s book presents hell and heaven as a component of each individual, with a greater or smaller influence, according to the man’s obedience towards God’s divine will.

Jakob Lorber was not only a messenger of God, but also a solid proof that not all things can be explained by a cynical attitude towards religion. There is a will of God for humanity and it must be listen in order to achieve happiness and peace.