The Importance of Faith and Religion in Our Lives

Long gone are the times when man would leave his heart, mind and future into the hands of a greater entity, one that would decide for him the purpose of his life. In a modern world in which man has learned to take better control of diseases and disasters, is there any use left for religion?

It is not sad, neither it is alarming, to see that more and more people are declaring themselves to be atheists or agnostics. It is rather understandable as claiming these days to have been visited by an angel would make people raise an eyebrow. Science has made us conscious of the phenomena around and it delivered answers to age old burning questions. However, the human psyche remains as much of a mystery as it ever was and knowledge has not made us fuller, more complete beings.

It is the more religious among us that can say with an open heart that they are happy and content. The explanation for this would be that, as we are becoming more aware of the consequences followed by our actions, we tend to burden ourselves with a much greater responsibility that it would be healthy for us. Many people are not able to find within themselves forgiveness for their broken marriage, the car accident in which they were involved, or the loss of a dear person. One invaluable thing that religion can offer us is redemption and relief from everything that we would consider to be unforgivable and unbearable.

It is true that, especially over the last decades, spirituality has shed many of its attributes, but that is maybe because man has not yet come to adapt it to this technology ruled times. Man still needs religion in order to achieve peace with himself.